Say Goodbye To Stubborn Tree Stumps

Say Goodbye To Stubborn Tree Stumps

Contact Walker Tree Service for stump grinding in the Rocky Mount, Nashville & Tarboro, NC area

Some tree removal companies don't have the knowledge or equipment needed to get rid of the stump after they cut down your tree. Walker Tree Service, Inc is not like those companies. We offer comprehensive stump grinding services in Rocky Mount, NC and beyond. If you can't stand the site of your stubborn tree stump, you can trust Walker Tree Service to grind it in down no time.

Reach out to Walker Tree Service today to schedule a stump grinding appointment in the Tarboro, Nashville or Rocky Mount, NC area.

Choose a company with the right equipment

Walker Tree Service owns two different stump grinders, so we'll always have one that fits over your tree stump. When you reach out to us for stump grinding, we will:

  • Size up your stump and choose the right equipment
  • Grind it into the ground
  • Cut through the surrounding roots
  • Remove the debris
To learn more about our stump grinding process, call 252-955-2373 today. Don't want your ground-up tree stump bits going to waste? We also offer wood chipping and compost services.

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